Recap of the Crypto Assets Conference (CAC22A) — Bringing together experts from the crypto and financial world for the biggest Crypto Assets Conference yet

Figure 1: Key statistics from CAC22A
Figure 2: CAC22A has once again been hosted in-person © Nick Krziwon

“No other conference manages to connect representatives from traditional and digital sectors so well. […] Especially for young blockchain companies, the CAC offers a unique opportunity to present to a broad and international audience.”

Figure 3: From left to right: Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Andre Voinea, Katharina Gehra, Tim Bruenjes, Drew Robinson, and Christoph Kreiterling discussing “The rise of bitcoin and crypto assets — What to expect in 2022?” on Day 1 of the CAC22A
Figure 4: Thematic arrangement of the CAC22A
Figure 5: Sponsors and supporters of CAC22A

“Great CAC22 again! Great topics and fantastic sessions!”

“Once again — the [FS] Blockchain Center really spurs the industry across the board through all its efforts!”

“A very big thank you to Philipp Sandner, his team, all speakers and everyone participating online and on-site. Crypto Assets Conference was really great!”



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