Recap of the Crypto Assets Conference (CAC21A) - 5300 Participants, COVID-19 Moved us Online

CAC in a novel format and breaking records

Figure 1: Key statistics from CAC21A
Figure 2: (From left to right): Alireza Siadat, Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Shirin Marquart, Lasse Clausen, Sebastian Blum, Michael Spitz & Jan Karnath discussing “Panel Discussion: NFTs: Hype or Future?” on Day 1 of the CAC21A

Arrangement of the CAC21A in three different subject-related conference days

Figure 3: Thematic arrangement of the CAC21A

High-profile speakers and sponsors

Figure 4: The sponsors of CAC21A

Presentations and photos

The Telegram group

“Amazing conference! Great job to everyone who contributed and thanks to all attendees.”

“Thank you for the great conference, there were a lot of interesting presentations and panel discussions. It is especially valuable that one can rewatch the entire conference. Thanks!”

“It was an amazing learning event, covering almost all aspects of the blockchain ecosystem.”





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Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

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