Recap of the Crypto Assets Conference (CAC20B): Blockchain, DLT, Crypto Assets, Custody, DeFi, and the Digital Euro

Figure 1: Key facts and highlights of the CAC20B
Figure 2: Simon Seiter (Deutsche Börse) holding his presentation “Infrastructure for Digital Assets and Digital Securities” on October 29, 2020

Arrangement of the CAC20B in three different subject-related conference days

Figure 3: Thematic arrangement of the CAC20B

Top-class sponsors and speakers

Figure 4: Sponsors and speakers of the CAC20B

Presentations and Photos

Figure 5: Benjamin Duve, Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Simon Seiter, Raphael Polansky and Matthew van Niekerk (left to right) in a hybrid panel discussion on: “When will Digital Securities exist? Who will operate the infrastructure?”




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