Recap of the Crypto Assets Conference (CAC20B): Blockchain, DLT, Crypto Assets, Custody, DeFi, and the Digital Euro

Three years ago, the first CAC was held and since then both the environment and the key players in the area of crypto assets, blockchain and DLT have developed. Together with the executives, founders, investors and representatives of public authorities, these relevant changes as well as the new areas were discussed at the CAC20B on October 29–31, 2020. During the 3-day conference, visitors were introduced to these currently relevant topics through speeches, discussions, panels, pitches and networking opportunities. — Authors: Philipp Sandner, Marla Bläsius

The second edition of the Crypto Assets Conference 2020 was initiated during the pandemic. We believe that the face to face meetings, high-quality contacts, constructive exchange and discussions were necessary. Since social distancing must be followed and some participants and speakers cannot come to the event, we decided to hold an online and offline conference in Frankfurt for the first time. Successfully, we have set a new participation record for this edition of the Crypto Assets Conference, with over 1400 participants.

Figure 1: Key facts and highlights of the CAC20B

During the CAC20B the participants had the opportunity to engage in an in-depth networking for more than ten hours with over 40 presentations, panel discussions and startup pitches. Participants were able to gather detailed information about the latest developments in the crypto sphere through the presence of more than 20 companies. Also, the virtual and the physically present participants had the chance to exchange and do networking among themselves.

Figure 2: Simon Seiter (Deutsche Börse) holding his presentation “Infrastructure for Digital Assets and Digital Securities” on October 29, 2020

All the keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions that were streamed in our Frankfurt School conference platform were made accessible for all the attendees. For the participants who decided to come to Frankfurt School, we prepared booths, experts and more, to encourage networking and help them get to know each other - all in accordance with the current social distancing protocols.

Arrangement of the CAC20B in three different subject-related conference days

To account for the current dynamics in the crypto ecosystem and allow a defined thematic focus, we divided all the conference lectures into three different subject-related topics such as: (1) Digital Assets, Securities & Infrastructure; (2) Crypto and Custody; (3) Digital Euro and Stablecoins. The following links below will let you rewatch the whole conference for free.

Figure 3: Thematic arrangement of the CAC20B

Day 1 (October 29, 2020): Digital Assets, Securities & Infrastructure:

Day 2 (October 30, 2020): Crypto and Custody:

Day 3 (October 31, 2020): Digital Euro and Stablecoins:

Top-class sponsors and speakers

We are grateful for the 67 speakers on their contribution and support for this year’s Crypto Assets Conference, with that we were able to provide a well executed platform to discuss such as the ideas and visions to inspire hundreds of individuals around the world. We made sure to invite prominent speakers from Börse Stuttgart, Deutsche Bundesbank, TEN31 Bank, NÄGELE Rechtsanwälte, Deutsche Börse or the Libra Association; they all delivered a very inspiring keynote presentations on current developments in the industry and engaged in fireside chats and panel discussions.

Figure 4: Sponsors and speakers of the CAC20B

Presentations and Photos

In order to give the attendees the best chance to recapitulate the conference and to distribute the input of the speakers even further, we collected all presentations of this year’s conference and want to offer these collections to the participants. The following link will take you to the speakers’ slides:

Furthermore, the photos taken at the CAC20B are accessible using the link provided below:

Figure 5: Benjamin Duve, Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Simon Seiter, Raphael Polansky and Matthew van Niekerk (left to right) in a hybrid panel discussion on: “When will Digital Securities exist? Who will operate the infrastructure?”

It was our pleasure to organize the conference and once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors and speakers as well as our guests for contributing in shaping the world of crypto assets and making the Crypto Assets Conference 2020B possible.

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