Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and Fansea enter into a partnership

Frankfurt am Main — November 16, 2022 — Frankfurt School Blockchain Center enters into a partnership with Fansea, who is connecting sports and entertainment fans with the digital world, bringing real life iconic items into the Metaverse as digital collectibles with their unrivalled 3D scanning Technology. To bridge the digital and analogue worlds Fansea also offers ultra-realistic color prints as 3D replica, providing a tangible and more immersive fan experience on

The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center is a think tank and research center, which investigates implications of the blockchain technology, crypto assets and distributed ledger technology (DLT) for companies and their business models. The partnership will bring together academia and practical NFT knowledge to foster metaverse research.

Fansea is a german Digital Collectible platform, founded by Alexander Schlicher in 2020, which brings authentic, physical memorabilia into the metaverse. Thanks to its unique sustainable technology, the Frankfurt-based company offers Fans digital and physical 3D Collectibles of iconic
originals. As a certified partner of entertainers, athletes, leagues and clubs, Fansea opens the door into the Web3 for fans of all generations.

Alexander Schlicher, Founder & CEO of Fansea, commented on the partnership: “We are very happy to see the classic DeFi and Crypto communities tapping strongly into Sports, Entertainment use cases and also other important areas of society, such as Art or Education. Fansea is shaping the Future of digital fandom and how fans will interact with their idols using web3 Technology, bridging between analogue and digital worlds.

The FSBC is a thought leader in this space and is playing a vital role in educating current and future leaders in the usage of Blockchain Technology, where we see important points for our collaboration”.

More about Fansea: for general information. to shop your 3D Collectible.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Head of FSBC, commented on the partnership: “While the NFT market was initially dominated by highly valued digital art, the demand is now increasing for projects which create real utility for consumers as well as for corporates. NFT collections in sports and entertainment are enabling the fan experience in the digital world. We are excited about our newly entered collaboration with Fansea, an excellent partner to strengthen our online community”.


More information about the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center can be found on the Internet, on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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