Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and Blockchain Founders Group enter into partnership

Frankfurt am Main — April 29, 2021 — Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and Blockchain Founders Group have entered into a partnership.
Blockchain Founders Group is a venture capital firm and
company builder based in Liechtenstein that has its focus on
the incubation and acceleration of blockchain-centric business
models across Europe.

As a think tank and research center, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center explores the implications of blockchain technology, crypto assets, and distributed ledger technology (DLT) for companies and their business models. The partnership will bundle academic as well as practical insights into DLT technology in the banking and finance world in order to be able to offer even better services.

Blockchain Founders Group’s ( fields of business are company building and venture capital. The goal as a company builder is to bring together the best entrepreneurial talent in the industry to work together on new, innovative solutions. Solutions that have the potential to transform traditional industries through the efficient use of blockchain technology. Well-known projects are constantly evolving, while at the same time new areas of application are being developed, resulting in a steadily growing number of new projects. Shaping and supporting this rapidly developing market in a targeted manner is one of the main objectives of the Blockchain Founders Group. Worldwide, there is currently a veritable competition to discover, investigate and understand new business models, in which distributed ledger technology and tokenization can best be used to lead to a fundamental improvement for customers, users and investors.

Blockchain Founders Group believes that the blockchain revolution is comparable in scale of impact and trajectory to the internet and mobile revolution. Together with renowned co-investors, Blockchain Founders Group will therefore focus on pre-seed and seed investments in blockchain-centric companies as a venture capital provider. The Blockchain Founders Group partners have themselves already successfully executed a total of fourteen direct blockchain investments. Based in Liechtenstein, Blockchain Founders Group also benefits from one of the most progressive blockchain jurisdictions in Europe.

To be successful in this dynamic blockchain market dominated by startups, strategic partnerships are of particular importance. With an increasing number of participants offering sophisticated products and solutions, it is important to be highly visible and connected in this fast-moving market environment.

The strategic partnership, between Blockchain Founders Group and the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, grants simplified access to the German-speaking blockchain ecosystem. As the leading organization in this blockchain ecosystem in Germany, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center not only helps transform the financial services industry through its thought leadership, research, education and collaborative industry initiatives. With the rapid evolution of the blockchain industry, it is important to constantly engage with the evolution of the technology and emerging specific problems and issues. The constant exchange about this will be a core element of the partnership between the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, with its state-of-the-art industry knowledge covering all blockchain-related topics, and the Blockchain Founders Group. But also the rapidly increasing need for highly qualified personnel will be part of the partnership. The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center provides support and, with the Frankfurt School talent pool, offers a way to make recruitment particularly efficient and convenient. Especially young tech-savvy people are increasingly striving to enter the blockchain market with a founding spirit and new ideas. This is where the partnership will particularly come to fruition.


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