• Tudor Pitulac

    Tudor Pitulac

  • Blockpit.io


    Stay up-to-date with Blockpit when it’s about taxation of your cryptocurrencies. Track your portfolio in real-time and get a personalized tax report.

  • Barbara Rave

    Barbara Rave

  • Miloud El Idrissi

    Miloud El Idrissi

  • Ravi Chillara

    Ravi Chillara

  • Dekhani Nsaliwa

    Dekhani Nsaliwa

    Building AEC Blockchain software | Background in architectural & mechanical engineering | Passionate about the next generation internet infrastructure.

  • alejandra labarca

    alejandra labarca

    Trabajo para vivir mejor. .Pase x política persiguiendo #SmartCity,Soy independiente y critica.Fundadora de @somosnewcity y @blockbim. I was a homeschooler mum.

  • Michael Sinz

    Michael Sinz

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