Call for Mentors for DLT Talents, DeFi Talents, NFT Talents, Bitcoin Talents, and ReFi Talents


Frankfurt School Blockchain Center is looking for mentors to join their 5 Web3 Talents programs DeFi Talents, DLT Talents, NFT Talents, Bitcoin Talents, and ReFi Talents. These talent programs aim at helping ambitious talents break into the web3 space and offer a community to engage, share thoughts and offer insights. Mentors are required to support the talents and join the bi-weekly sessions in an effort to improve the learning experience of the talents and become part of a growing worldwide community.

Introduction: A community of global talents

In its quest to help talents from all over the world prepare for the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center has developed five interactive and community-based mentoring programs to guide the way for ambitious and young career starters to become entrepreneurs, technologists, lawyers, investors, or multiplicators in the surging Web3 space:

  1. DLT Talents
  2. DeFi Talents
  3. NFT Talents
  4. Bitcoin Talents
  5. ReFi Talents

Around 200 high-potential candidates are selected for each program cohort and are mentored throughout the program in 3 phases over 18 weeks (the basics phase, the multi-disciplinary phase, and the concentration phase). This is done in bi-weekly remote sessions where news and assignments are discussed, and a guest speaker gives a keynote on a topic relevant to the curriculum. All programs offer full scholarships and are thus free of charge (0 EUR).

Against the backdrop of the success of the programs and the growing interest from a global audience of talents, we have published this call for more mentors.

Key roles of mentors

A mentor inspires a cohort of self-learners to sustain their learning journeys. They can facilitate the learning process by sharing relevant resources to the learning agenda. Mentors are not expected to teach or train during these sessions.

On a practical note, mentors join the talents every 2 weeks to lead the presentation and discussion sessions in smaller learning groups of about 10 talents for about 30 mins during each session. Relevant content is shared with the mentors prior to the session so that they are better prepared to host the discussions and answer questions.

What do we expect from you?

Knowledge and understanding: Ideal applicants to become mentors would have some domain expertise in DLT, DeFi, NFTs, Bitcoin and/or ReFi or related areas within Web3 such as cryptography or DAOs.

Interest in being part of a community: We hope that future mentors will be interested in being part of the community, sharing content with the talents, and engaging in Slack or social media.

Reliability and commitment: It is very important to have mentors we can rely on. Mentoring and guidance are one of the key pillars of the program, and the support of the mentors ensures a smooth running of the sessions. We expect future mentors to participate in all sessions.

What can you expect from mentoring?

Industry insights and learnings: During the interactions with a wide range of learners, mentors can expect to enhance their own learnings and perspectives. These interactions occur mainly during the bi-weekly Zoom sessions in breakout rooms and occasionally in Slack channels. Valuable professional connections are encouraged during these sessions. For mentors, it is a great way to keep up with news in the DLT / DeFi / Bitcoin / Crypto / NFT / ReFi space every two weeks. Also, the input of the talents through the bi-weekly assignments, articles, and other content that is shared is intended to provide inspiration. The sessions will always be complemented by a keynote by an expert in the relevant topics. Not only for the talents but also for the mentors, the lectures are interesting and provide opportunities to gain exclusive insights.

Social media exposure and personal branding: As part of the mentoring program, your profile will be visible on the program’s website (e.g. Our mentors will also be featured in social media posts on LinkedIn and “X”. If you have articles you would like to promote, these will also be shared on the relevant channels.

Networking and community: The bi-weekly meetings and the exchange on Slack not only lead to digital contacts but also to local meetups. Being part of the mentor team is a great way to make new contacts and be part of a continuously evolving community of talents, alumni, and mentors.

Certificate: All mentors who accompany the 18-week program receive a certificate at the end, with which they can prove their involvement in the program as a mentor.

Do note that mentorships are not compensated financially.

Overview of typical agenda

Each Zoom session will have the following structure and a duration of 90 minutes:

  • News (7 min)
  • Best practice tip (3 min)
  • Participant presentations (25 min)
  • Reflections from the group (20 min)
  • Assignment for the next session (5 min)
  • Guest speaker presentations (20 min)
  • Q&A (10 min)

Time and dates of upcoming programs

Check out the following pages for the next cohort dates and times:

Why should you apply for these programs and where?

You should apply if you fulfill the following criteria:

  • You love technology and ideally also finance
  • You have a deep knowledge of blockchain, DLT, DeFi, NFTs, Bitcoin, or ReFi
  • You speak and write English proficiently
  • You feel comfortable moderating and animating an audience
  • You value community engagement and enjoy sharing content
  • You give your best to attend every single session on our schedule

If you would like to become a mentor, please complete this form.

One of the program leads will get in touch with you if you are a shortlisted candidate. A brief onboarding process will be initiated to induct new mentors shortly thereafter.

If you have questions, please contact us via email, addressed to — we will respond to you as soon as possible. Feel free to share this post with your professional networks.