Are you interested in jobs in the blockchain, crypto space?

As of late, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center informs about jobs in the blockchain and crypto space. On the one hand, job seekers and career jumpers are looking for new opportunities in the promising field of web3. On the other hand, recruiters have difficulty filling blockchain and crypto-related job positions as the industry is maturing at an accelerated pace. The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center with its vast network and outreach attempts to bridge the gap between supply and demand of talents.-Author: Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner

The blockchain and crypto spaces are booming and there is no sign that the mass adoption of web3 technology will abate any time soon. The very first innovators have roamed the space for about 10 years but people joining only now are still part of the early adopters. They are visionaries that see the potential of web3 before the mainstream attempts to engage with the new technologies within the next 5 years. However, we observe now that the rate of adoption of blockchain technology and crypto investments is accelerating tremendously. Web3 encompasses a novel approach to how individuals engage with each other and exchange values without having to rely on centralized instances. Based on these principles in conjunction with the promise of higher returns, the transition from web2 to web3 has come with the burgeoning of a whole new blockchain and crypto-focused venture capital and startup ecosystem as well as the pivoting of traditional financial institutions and financial service providers who are increasingly offering exposure to digital assets.

Naturally, this has led to employers desperately seeking human capital specializing in the fields of blockchain and crypto. However, the jobs market for this space is in its infancy and still needs to mature. So while the blockchain and crypto space in its entirety is moving at an incredible pace, recruiters have a tough time as the supply of human resources does not keep up with the high demand for talents. In turn, this mismatch translates into higher salaries and new opportunities for job seekers and career jumpers. Nobody who works in this new economy will need to be afraid of being laid off in the foreseeable future. Also, the industry is as broad as it gets, spanning fields such as digital assets trading and management, NFTs, DeFi, IoT, research, data monetization, cryptography, analytics, ESG, and many more, with the need for regulators, lawyers, programmers, system administrators, content creators, marketing experts, Discord community managers, compliance specialists, investors, and entrepreneurs. Everyone will be able to make a find!

Against this backdrop, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center wants to bridge the gap between HR professionals and job seekers/career jumpers. With our vast network of partners in the blockchain-focused startup and venture capital scene, the finance industry, academia, and membership to various associations, especially in Europe, we are in a very favorable position to facilitate the match-making process by informing about open positions from startups, institutions, SMEs to big banks at different career stages (junior/senior/C-level). If you are interested, then please sign-up through this form: “Interested in a job in the blockchain ecosystem?



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